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NESBReC collates, manages and provides biological information for the North East of Scotland.

Founded in 2000, NESBReC covers Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Moray and the Cairngorms National Park.

Currently over 1 million species records are held, as well as other biological datasets. We do this to support the North East Local Biodiversity Action Plan and the National Biodiversity Network. For more information on what we do, see About us

NESBREC would like to pass on its sincerest thanks to all of the volunteer recorders and organisations that provided us with the data included in these web pages.

The NE Scotland Mammal Atlas is a recent initiative which involves a collaboration between a number of organisations and volunteers to develop a new Mammal Atlas covering NE Scotland. As well as sending us your sightings of mammals, we are looking for volunteers to adopt and visit a 10km square looking for mammals or their signs.

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Herald of Winter photo by Liz Holden

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