Why does NESBReC exist?

NESBReC maintains a database of biodiversity information. The data are frequently used by partners, decision makers, education and conservation bodies, national recording schemes and the wider community to assist with land use planning, conservation, site management and research.

NESBReC supports the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership and acts as a local node for the National Biodiversity Network

NESBReC maintains quality assured records and acts as a hub for biological data exchange.

NESBReC provides support and guidance for biological recorders and arranges training opportunities for recorders across all skill levels.

NESBReC depends on a range of organisations for financial support, including public bodies, local authorities and conservation charities. A list of funding supporters can be viewed here.

To view the NESBReC Strategy 2020-23, reviews of previous strategies, and annual reports of work undertaken, please click here