Mammal Atlas

A new initiative is underway to produce a Mammal Atlas for NE Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park by 2016. Building on the success of our previous dragonfly and damselfly atlas, the Mammal Atlas will include distribution maps for individual species together with species accounts written by local experts. The area covered by the Atlas will be Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Moray and the Cairngorms National Park. Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) will not be covered in this atlas but seal species will be included. Currently, 40 species of mammal are present in NE Scotland and they are an important part of our fauna. NESBReC currently holds around 32,000 records for mammals however, these records are patchy, and for some relatively common UK species only a few records are held.

The table below shows the mammal species that are known to be present in our area. We need YOUR help to submit records of ALL species. Remember, it is often the common species that get overlooked.

Records of the presence of mammals from their tracks and signs are also valid. For example, mole hills, badger setts, otter spraints, rabbit droppings etc. In addition, records of dead mammals are equally valid in the database, e.g. roadkill of any species. If you have photos of mammals that could be used on the website, in leaflets and publicity material and in the Atlas itself, please contact us. Many thanks to everyone who has already supplied photos, it is greatly appreciated.

If you would like further information or would like to be actively involved please get in touch at


Bats Carnivores Deer Insectivores Lagomorphs Rodents Seals

Brown Long-eared Bat
Daubenton's Bat
Leisler's Bat
Natterer's Bat
Pipistrelle Genus
Common Pipistrelle
Soprano Pipistrelle

American Mink
Feral Ferret
Pine Marten
Wild Cat

Fallow Deer
Red Deer
Roe Deer
Sika Deer

Common Shrew
Pygmy Shrew
Water Shrew

Brown Hare
Mountain Hare

House Mouse
Wood Mouse
Bank Vole
Field Vole
Water Vole
Brown Rat
Grey Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Common Seal
Grey Seal
Bearded Seal