NESBReC Species distribution maps


We are currently experiencing a fault with our interactive map which means it is not operational. However, you can still submit records if you can provide the correct grid reference – just type it in instead of using the map to place a marker. We hope to have this fault sorted very soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.



You can search for the distribution of a species in North East Scotland based on the records held in the NESBReC database. These records can be displayed on the map of North East Scotland below and also cross-referenced with national distribution maps from the National Biodiversity Network.

How to search: Enter a species name in the keyword box to find that species’ distribution. Please note, the species names listed here are provided by the NBN web services. In some cases a record in the database may be listed with both a scientific and a common name, in other cases a record may only have one or the other. Some of our datasets are very large and may take a short while to load. Data links to the NBN, Wikipedia and Google for your chosen species will appear under the Information tab.

If you find that the background map becomes disjointed after zooming in or out, then simply refresh your browser to reload the map display.  This is usually done by clicking the circular arrow in the far right of your browser’s internet address box.

*** Please note that this Species Distribution Maps function is currently only displaying records up to 2015. We do intend to add more recent data to the maps in the near future. ***


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