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We are currently experiencing a fault with our interactive map which means it is not operational. However, you can still submit records if you can provide the correct grid reference – just type it in instead of using the map to place a marker. We hope to have this fault sorted very soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.


To submit a record fill out the form below, we ask for your email address in case we need to contact you for more information about your sighting. If you only know the common name for your sighting you can search for the scientific name by using the search box to the right of the field. You may have to wait a few moments while it searches the NBN Database and the search may take a while longer if there are a lot of records to be displayed. You may use the interactive map to find the correct location and determine the correct grid reference for your sighting, please be as accurate as you can.  If you have already calculated a suitable grid reference by other means, then simply enter it in the Grid Reference field and ignore the interactive map function.

Please note that by submitting any records to NESBReC you are agreeing that we may share your records with other organisations and users for the benefit of the conservation and understanding of species and habitats, not just in North East Scotland, but in the wider context of the UK. However, we do not share any personal details, such as email addresses, with any other organisations.

Species Name

Occasionaly the first result NBN returns will be incorrect, please double check the common name is similar to your search term before you submit. A different result can be selected from the dropdown list.

Search for the correct Scientific name using the form below.

How to use the map

Map Direction buttons

Use the direction arrows on the map (or drag the map) to find your sighting location, then use the - + to ZOOM in and out of the map. (You can also use your scroll wheel or pinch-out on touch screens). Please ZOOM in as far as you can before adding your marker.

Map Direction buttons

You can then add your marker by following the instructions provided. Please be as accurate as you can.

This button will allow you to click on the marker you have added and move it by dragging it.

Map Direction buttons

Add a marker by doing a DOUBLE left click on your mouse or a tap on your touch screen. This will then automatically fill out the fields for you below.

A SINGLE left click with your mouse or tap your screen on a marker will delete it.

This button will allow you to switch back to moving the map on drag.

Pick a Grid Reference
Minimise this map

Your Recording

If you already know the Grid Reference please type it in the field below but please note that adding a marker to the map on the left will overwrite these fields.